Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mighty Hunter, Leaf Bringer, Deer Scarer

Siobhan, my six pound black and white cow cat is many things.  She is the Mighty Hunter who brings me dead (and sometimes still alive) mice onto my bed in the morning.  She also manages to lure birds in through the chicken wire and she has captured snakes and crickets and June bugs.  

When there are no rodents to capture she makes as much of a fuss bringing in dead leaves and stalks of weeds.  I call her the Leaf Bringer.  Some days she brings in so many leaves I need a rake for my living room carpet.

This evening I glanced out my back door to see a doe and her two half grown twin fawns slowly working their way towards the cat enclosure.  One fawn kept stamping her front hooves, alternating legs nervously.  All three tails and all six ears were twitching with the tension.  What was catching their attention?  It was Siobhan, who was seated calmly in the enclosure.

Suddenly Siobhan leaped onto her platform  and all three deer scattered into the forest like leaves in a whirlwind.  So now my little girl has another name:  Deer Scarer.