Monday, September 7, 2009

Shut Up Precious!

We have a small back alley behind the shop with a broken stockade fence between our alley and the next back yard.  There is a dog in that yard and her name is "Shut Up Precious!" as far as I can tell because she barks at everything that moves - sometimes she barks at me when I am inside the shop and I make a noise in the back room.

She sticks her head through the break in the fence and just stares and stares at me - and she is a dog with no short-term memory at all.  I can bring one bag of garbage out to the totes and she goes nuts and I say hello to her and go back inside for more stuff to bring out and when I hit the alley she goes nuts all over again.

Her mommy told me that Shut Up Precious! couldn't even remember the neighbor on the other side who used to give her treats every day.  She runs up the back steps and tries to see me over the fence but most of the time she just tries to get her head through the break.

I told Shut Up Precious! that I was taking her picture so I could make her famous on the Interweb but I doubt very much if she will remember our conversation.