Monday, September 7, 2009

The Power of Cat Hair

As I have been spending this Labor Day laboring with the task of washing all of my cat bedding I find it simply amazing the way cat hair insinuates itself into all kinds of fabric - plush, fleece, wool - whatever!  I know that a tornado can throw a broom-straw into a tree, but by what magic is is that a fine tiny soft cat hair twists its way into cloth?  And how can those same fine tiny soft cat hairs be so very difficult to remove?

Here's another feline observation - cats are known for their cleanliness, right?  So how is it that a cat with glowing white fur ends up dirtying bedding so heavily that the rinse water runs brown?  And my cats are not outdoor cats - they have an enclosure where they tread only upon concrete and gravel and carpet - no dirt, no soil, no earth.

The cat door itself gets itself so laden with schmutz that I have to wash it every month or the clear flap becomes opaque.

So here is my idea - forget carbon fiber and nano technology - we can build a space elevator to the stars if we can simply learn to harness the power of cat hair.  And if we go a bit further and send a passel of cats into space the dirt that they carry in their magical mystical fur can eco-form a barren planet for human (and feline, of course) habitation.

I'll bet dogs could help with this project as well and just as I would not want to go to any Heaven that did not contain cats and dogs, neither would I wish to travel to another world without their hairy companionship.