Saturday, September 17, 2016

Sick and Tired

March 2015

I don't know how I did it, but I appear to have displeased the Tire Gods.  It all began in March of 2015.  At the end of a snowy icy winter,  I tried sliding out of my rutted driveway over a deep puddle with an inch of ice on top, and I broke through and punctured a tire.  I felt really stupid having done this but the roadside assistance guy made feel less silly when he told me he had done the exact same thing to one of his truck tires the previous week.  I was fortunate that this tire was able to be repaired.

September 2015
On September 2nd of the same year I hit a curb and the tire developed an alarming bulge in the sidewall.  By morning the tire was flat. I called roadside assistance, they were able to inflate the tire and I made it to a tire place and decided to go whole hog and buy a new tire.  Three weeks later, on the 21st, I bought yet another new tire.  So that made two new tires and two still in need of replacing.

In February of 2016 I bought two more new tires.  That brought my count up to four new tires in thirteen months.  No more problems - right?

In June the second new tire (one I had bought in September!) developed a couple of weird bulges. They said it was defective. It was replaced  with yet another new one.  So now I had four new tires (again!). 

Today I was ahead of schedule running errands before opening the shop.  My last stop was the hardware store.  When I exited the store I noticed I had a flat.  How novel!  Luckily, the flat was on the driver side so I discovered it before making it out into traffic.  And the pouring rain stopped just as roadside assistance arrived.  The kind gentleman was able to inflate my spare and when he pulled off the flat tire, he showed me the large screw embedded between the treads.  I must have picked it up in the hardware store parking lot.
September 2016
I sincerely hope that today's flat marks the end of my tire woes.  Six trips (well, seven including my upcoming visit on Monday to have this tire repaired or replaced) in less than a year and a half is making me sick and tired of tires.