Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Seeker

Peter Ghostbuster, the Seeker

Where am I? 
Why am I here?
I do not think I am supposed to be here.
Not yet, not yet – it is too soon;
I am not ready.
I must return,
find my way back to the beginning.
I must start over.  Why am I here?

But first, inventory:
I am colorless.
I cannot see, I cannot hear;
but I have a voice,
and I have legs.
I must use everything I have been given
to find the way.

And what is here?
I feel softness and warmth, and something else.
It is love - a mighty love.
This mighty love seems to be coming at me
from all directions; it surrounds me, comforts me.

But I must not rest,
I must continue my quest.
I call out, “I am here!”
My small head quivers like a compass needle,
Seeking, seeking, seeking….
I am not sure what it is that I seek,
but I cannot find it.

Where is it?
What is it?
My limbs are weak,
but still I feel the compulsion to move.
I cannot, must not be contained.

Exhausted at last, I call out,
“Help me, help me! I am lost.”

My mom is worried;
she retrieves me and tries her best to soothe me.
The mighty love envelopes me.

I remember now – it is coming clear to me at last.
I was sent here on a very important mission.
A very brief mission, and somehow, somehow,
I have accomplished this mission.
I have done all I came here to do;
I have found the mighty love.

I am free now to return to my home in the stars.
Gratitude fills my heart.
I am home.
But you will see me again;
and you will recognize me.
I will be resplendent in my tabby pants.