Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Space between Dhruga and Summer

The Space Between Dhruga and Summer

Dhruga the Watch Cat has been waiting
With patience eternal
Her tail flicks lazily
Luminous eyes blink slowly and
She purrs at a remembered caress

Dhruga has been waiting
With patience eternal
Others wait with her
But Dhruga is the Watch Cat
She must alert the rest………

“John!  Moonshine!  Puck!
She’s coming back to us!
Here she comes!  She’s here!
Pamela has come Home to us!”

There is a joyous reunion in Heaven
Laughter abounds, purring surrounds

Now Summer is the one who waits
In the window of his temporal home
Watching the familiar birds and squirrels
And waiting for his time of reunion