Monday, July 26, 2010

The Sump Pump Chronicles (Part Two)

After waiting several weeks for it to rain again so I could determine if the pump was working, I decided it wasn't and so I hauled it out, took it back to the local independent hardware store and had it replaced with a new one.  That took about two minutes and the nice man even carried it out to the car for me (Valu Home Center, Nash Road, Wheatfield - yay!).

Reinstalled the pump.  Replaced leaky flexible hose.  Turned on the breaker.  It worked!  I have a few leaks to deal with, however - one at the other end of the flexible hose (hopefully taken care of now) and one where the semi-rigid pipe attaches to the sewer pipe over on the other side of the crawl space.  *groan*

It rained the other day and I heard a strange sound - the pump had come on all by itself!  YAY!

So all I have to do now is fix those leaks....

I'd better do it soon - I am losing interest in this project.