Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Olympics

As usual, I started out being an Olympics curmudgeon.  The torch passed within blocks of my house and I did not deign to go see it.  Silly me.

Now, after being glued to the NBC coverage (all I can pull in with my antenna) for the last 2 weeks, after even watching a hockey game this afternoon (and those of you who know me know how improbable this is!) - now I am filled with sadness that the whole marvelous spectacle is about to end.  *sigh*

I will miss being able to see these crazy and wonderful kids - talk about reality TV - this is reality TV! I find the skiing/target shooting event to be silly, the cross country racing to be painful to watch, but I loved the snowboarders (were those real blue jeans or what?) and the ice dancers and the figure skaters - and who can ever forget Joannie Rochette?  I loved Virtue and Moir as well - what a program they skated!

And I even got to see a bit of the curling - such an interesting sport!  I would watch that again - it is graceful and slow - but I like it!  Who knows, maybe I will even watch a hockey game again some day.

After tonight, I will turn my antenna back towards CBC and NBC will just fade away.

Bye bye, Olympics - I am gonna miss you!