Sunday, August 30, 2009

Welcome to my Blog

I have been threatening to start a blog for many months now and now the elements have finally fallen into place so here it is!  I will probably be tweaking it for a while before I settle down, so don't be alarmed if the look changes from time to time.

The title of the blog, and the photo in the header, reference that dear little bird lovingly referred to as "my woodpecker."  This creature has drilled the cedar shingles on my house full of holes for three winters in a row now - and with the chill in the air I am expecting his return any day now.  I am not really sure if he is a "him," of course - it just seems like he is a "he.I would also like to point out at this juncture that I live in a big woods full of many dead trees.

Why this little ###### has decided to ruin my real estate is beyond me.  I must have some lousy bird Karma left over from a previous life (not to mention that my kitties, in their chicken-wire enclosure no less - with a polycarbonate roof  - manage to capture, kill, eat and regurgitate the occasional bird) - here is a sample photo of what my siding looks like with can lids nailed and old CDs slid over the woodpecker holes.  The second photo shows the scene on my closet shelf with the huge pile of (thankfully) dry dirt, twigs and leaves (found at the beginning of the October Surprise Storm).